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Your Power Is Not Where You Think It is

Creation Is the Most Elemental Act of Genuine Self-Love​

Creation is not what you have been told it was.

  • It is not a moment in time
  • It is the appearing of the timeless
  • It is not an act of will or intention
  • It is not accidental or happenstance
  • In fact, it is emanating from its source every single moment

In order to consciously surrender to and participate in this ever unfolding mystery, you have to understand how the whole process works. 

We Have to Understand the Nature of Perception, Creation and Reality 

Perception IS our experience and it is shaped by your 4 AMAZING POWERS OF CREATION.

Join Master Spiritual Teacher GP Walsh as we explore:

  • Attention
  • Belief
  • Identity
  • Discrimination

Understand these powers and you will become one with the Tao, the flow of life throughout the universe

Course curriculum

  • 1

    For First Time Students

    • First Timer Overview

    • Navigating the Classroom

  • 2

    Welcome to Your Powers

    • Welcome and Audio Download

    • Welcome Video

  • 3

    Your Amazing Powers an Introduction

    • How Does God Create?

    • Attention

    • Belief

    • Identity

    • Discrimination

  • 4

    Your Amazing Powers In Depth

    • Section 1 - How God Creates

    • Section 2 - Attention

    • Section 3 - Belief

    • Section 4 - Identity

    • Section 5 - Discrimination the Superpower

    • Section 6 - Making It Real

  • 5

    The Last Word

    • The Last Word Is Transformation