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The Full 10 Week Intensive

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What's In the Workshop

Each week you will be receiving the best, most profound content, exercises and meditations as well as a live workshop.

The Chakra Workshop Week by Week

Unlike the way most people teach the chakras I will not be going "up the scale" from the root to the crown. Instead I will be presenting them in the order that people need to experience them, embracing those aspects of ourselves most of us need more of these days.


  • We'll start with opening up our capacity for vision. We all need a vision for our life and without that we are merely surviving
  • Then I will look at how we actually create things in our lives and how we always are creating things... like them or not
  • Then we will look at the energy of love of self, love of others, love of life, forgiveness and how to heal our deepest wounds and traumas
  • Then we will start examining the causes of our traumas. The chakras that, until reconciled, are in a constant battle with one another and how that conflict is held in check
  • Finally we will look at our inherent divinity and what really lies at the very center of the human soul

Week 1: Introduction

The Archetypes of Consciousness

We will start our journey by exploring the traditional Kundalini model of the chakras as well as the meaning and purpose of archetypes and mythology as symbols of your soul. Remember, you are not really studying the chakras. You are studying yourself

Week 2: The 6th Chakra

The Visionary

Every one comes with the innate capacity to imagine how they could make things better, for themselves, for their families and friends and for the world. But most people feel cut off from this powerful capability. I find, that if we can reconnect to the simple pleasure of imagining, without thinking about how something can happen, all the rest of the chakras begin to operate differently.

Week 3: The 5th Chakra

The Creator

You have the power to create worlds. You can literally speak your vision into manifestation. The power of The Creator, though, is not just the voice. Everything you think or feel, how you dress, the friends you have, the career you choose all express who you are or who you wrongly believe you are. Either way that belief will create your life. Let us take conscious control over this extraordinary power.

Week 4: The 4th Chakra

The Peacemaker

Love, love, love! The heart chakra which I call The Peacemaker  is the transition point out of the purely instinctual and emergence into spiritual consciousness. This is the energy of altruism, relationship based on choice rather than tribal instinct. It is the opening of the heart to a life that is beyond merely surviving and leads to the fullness of unity and the deepest love.

Week 5: The 1st Chakra

The Tribe

Imagine for a moment that you are a salamander, sunning yourself on a rock. You are not appreciating it. It is not a vacation. There is no aesthetic pleasure in it. You are just obeying instinct and surviving. If food is spotted you jump on it. If danger is sensed you run for cover. This focus on survival and nothing else is the nature of the 1st chakra which I have named The Tribe.

Week 6: The 2nd Chakra

The Nymph

Life can be quite juicy. it is filled with wonder and pleasures. Moreover, there is within each and everyone of us the desire for freedom. The Nymph symbolizes our zest for life. We want to be able to express ourselves and our unique individuality and truly enjoy our lives. 

However, the energy of The Tribe is oftentimes directly opposed to this natural energy of self-expression. Herein lies the most powerful inner conflict in our lives. But there is a way to resolve it to know both safety and freedom.

Week 7: The 3rd Chakra

The Storyteller

This is the chakra of identity. As it matures over time it becomes your ego. It is indeed The Storyteller. The version of identity it creates is pure fiction but there is a very good reason for this to be. The development of an ego is an essential function and not a mistake.

None the less, what is necessary in the beginning becomes our biggest troublemaker later in life. But, even this is a necessary step along the path that leads to true spiritual awakening.

Week 8: The 7th Chakra

The Sage

Deep within you is a deep and rich pool of wisdom and insight. Your destiny has always been to go beyond... beyond the merely physical, the drive to survive, to the deepest connection with the Oneness of all things. This deep spiritual Oneness is the nature expressed in the archetype The Sage.

Week 9: The 8th Chakra

The Light at the Center

I have designated an 8th chakra. No you won't find it on any poster or in any book. It is the most subtle and non-physical of all the energy centers. that is because it is not really an energy center. It is the energy source! It is the central light of which all of the chakras are mere aspect. It is the pure, white, invisible light that is your true nature.

Week 10: Integrating the Archetypes

The Harmonious Human

The term I use to designate someone who has brought all of the different aspects into loving balance and flow with each other is The Harmonious Human. The whole purpose of this intensive series of workshops is to reveal the real nature of the chakras, harmonize them and thus attain the fullness of a rich, abundant, happy life, free from suffering and inner conflict. That is the gift of The Chakras - Archetypes of Consciousness

The Full 10 Week Intensive

Choose between a single payment or a 3 payment plan