Repetition Is Everything

This is the perfect safe and sacred space to deepen your practice and come into your mastery of the Art and Science of Meridian Tapping..

  • Here is what you will experience:

    The Weekly Tappist Monk Gathering - The highlight of the program, where we can work as a group and GP will be working with people individually as well

    A Weekly Email from GP with useful and supportive tips and info

    A Private Access Email to GP exclusively for Monks of the Temple

    Focused Videos on specific topics that come up Discounts on other courses and workshops

    Connection to other monks for additional practice and support (voluntary, of course)

Become the Fearless You

Purchase the "Tapping Into the Fearless You" and you'll have your first month for free!

For the same price as 1 month of the Tappist Monks Immersion Program you could get the Tapping Into the Fearless You AND the Tappist Monks for an entire month..

It's a no brainer!

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