The Healing Power of Touch

Meridian Tapping, a simple yet profound healing modality, is at the forefront of what is being called Energy Healing and also Energy Psychology.

It has been shown to be particularly effective in the treatment of stress and anxiety and has brought emotional freedom to hundreds of thousands of people.

  • Here is what you will experience:

    Welcome from Your Guide
    The Power of Touch - An ebook introduction to Energy Healing
    Just the Points - For those unfamiliar with tapping
    The End of Suffering and the Mind
    Tapping on I'm Not Enough - Our deepest fear
    Tapping on the Necessity of Fear - Is it really necessary or can we truly be fearless?
    Tapping on "Is It Safe to Be Me?"
    Tapping into Courage
    You're NOT Broken
    Who Would I Be Without Fear?
    Let God Our of the Basement
    Tapping to Accept My Perfection
    The Words You Have Always Wanted to Hear

    Including a full free month of the Tappist Monks Membership Group with weekly, live meetings with GP for personal attention (a $97 value all in itself)
    The Healing Power of Touch - An introduction to Energy Healing - How and why it works
    Tapping Our of Self Judgement & All Those Critical Thoughts
    Releasing the Fear of Taking Risks
    I Want More Money (Everyone's favorite)
    Overcoming Insecurity

Immerse Yourself in the Fearless You

Purchase this workshop and, as a special bonus you will receive one full month membership in the Tappist Monks membership Group absolutely free!

For the same price of 1 month of the Tappist Monks you could get Tapping Into the Fearless You AND the Tappist Monks.

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